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dragonWelcome to the C. G. Jung Institute of Seattle. CGJIS is a member organization of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) and is the approved and recognized Jungian Training Program in Seattle. Our members all are certified Jungian Analysts and practice throughout the Pacific Northwest. All are members of the IAAP.

The C. G. Jung Institute of Seattle, formerly known as the North Pacific Institute for Analytical Psychology (NPIAP), is a non-profit organization, which is committed to the study and practice of the experiences and theories developed by Swiss psychiatrist, C. G. Jung (1875-1961). 

In Remembrance:

We remember our colleague and founding member, Louise Bode, M.A., who passed away on February 19, 2016.

Also, in remembrance of our colleague, Lee Roloff, Ph.D. (1927-2015), we invite you to read the tribute by the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago 

Analyst Events

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AND JAMES MAX GOSSETT, Jungian Analysts at the
C. G. Jung Institute of Seattle.
“More Fairy Tale Fridays,”
 April 6 and May 4, 2018

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Institute Seminars

Click here for information on upcoming seminars, including our Professional Seminars and Advanced Seminars, offered by CGJIS analysts.

STEPHANIE GIERMAN AND SUZAN ROOD WILSON, Jungian Analysts, present an ongoing Advanced Seminar on Jung’s Dream Analysis: Notes of the Seminar Given in 1928 – 1930
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