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Week-end Retreat at Ananda Center – Laurelwood, Gaston, Oregon
Fri. evening, July 20 – Sunday noon, July 22, 2018 

Dreams and the Individuating Soul
Geri Grubbs, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst

“Everything living dreams of individuation, for everything strives towards its own wholeness – and the greatest possible actualization of the Self is the aim of life.”
— Carl Jung


Explore, through guided imagery, journaling, art, and group dream sharing, symbols that come in our dreams during major life transitions.  Retreat as you earn continuing education credits.

This course has been approved for 10 CEUs by the NASW Washington State Chapter.

Licensed Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Mental Health Counselors are eligible. Provider number is #1975-172

Sponsored by C. G. Jung Institute of Seattle

Tuition: $250 (includes CE certificate) plus lodging.

To register, go to www.anandalaurelwood.org, and click on

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Referred to as the “individuation process,” or Self-realization, it is the ego’s constant striving to be in relationship with its true essence, that which is inherent in the greater Self. Archetypal images and symbols express this essence or potential and are revealed to us in our nightly dreams, fantasies and spontaneous expressions.  The value of these images, however, are gained only when we are willing to engage with them emotionally and by asking ourselves:  “What is this leading to?  Where is its goal?”  Such a process of inquiry enriches our lives, expands our conscious awareness and provides meaning to a life that may seem painful or unfulfilling.

In this workshop, you will:

  • learn about C. G. Jung’s meaning of “individuation” and the life cycles that are a part of it and our soul callings.
  • explore the various dream images that relate to these life cycles and what they may be  communicating.
  • learn how to use active imagination techniques, such as journaling, art, and dream-sharing, in working personally and dynamically with images expressed in our dreams.



4:00-6:00         Room check-in

4:45-6:00         Yoga and meditation (optional)

6:00-6:45         Dinner at Green Hill Café

7:00-9:00         Presentation of the individuation process and life cycle dynamics.


6:30-8:00         Yoga and meditation (optional)

8:00-8:45         Breakfast at Green Hill Café

9:30-12:00       Presentation and discussion of dreams and symbols of transformation

12:15-12:45     Meditation (optional)

12:45-1:30       Lunch in Green Hill Café

2:00-4:00         Journaling, art and other forms of active imagination – experiential in art room

4:45-6:00         Yoga and meditation (optional)

6:00-6:45         Dinner at Green Hill Café

7:00-9:00         Group dream sharing at the Shubatani House


6:30-8:00         Yoga and meditation (optional)

8:00-9:00         Breakfast in Green Hill Café

9:30-11:30         Bringing it all together thru guided imagery and journaling.

12:15-12:45        Meditation (optional)

12:45-1:15          Lunch at Green Hill Café

Teacher:  Geri Grubbs, Ph.D., LCSW, is a practicing Jungian analyst, a devotee of Paramhansa Yogananda, teacher, lecturer, and author.  She has worked extensively with dreams both personally and professionally for the past 30 yrs.  Author of “Bereavement Dreaming and the Individuating Soul, Geri also has published extensively in the Journal of Sandplay Therapy.  She maintains a private practice in both Laurelwood, OR, and Woodinville, WA. 

For further information, see Geri’s website: www.EastsideJung.com.


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